Yoga Workshops

Headstand Workshop. Sunday 8th July. 90  minutes. £20

An immersive headstand session to help prepare the body and mind for practising headstands. Mastering headstands does not require great strength, the main factor that needs to be overcome is fear and believing that you can do it. Moving slowly and with the breath, learning how to build a solid base to help give you a good understanding of how to set up correctly. 


Sirshasana or headstand is also referred to as the king of asana as the posture has so many benefits for your mind and body. By reversing the nature of gravity, the pose helps to rest the heart, aids circulation and relieves pressure on the lower back.


Headstand nourishes the crown chakra by drawing blood to the head which carries prana to the 7th spiritual centre. 


The session will be followed with a delicious green organic juice.

Brilliant Basics Workshop. Sunday 16th Sept. 105 minutes. £20

The aim of this session will be to give you time to understand the alignment of some of the most common asanas we practice in class. 

This session will be useful for anyone of any level, whether you're completely new to yoga or if you have a regular practice but would like a deeper understanding perhaps to help you in your own practice or during class.

Starting with the alignment for the sun salutations sequence, followed by a number of other asanas; warrior 1, 2, ardha chandrasana - half moon pose, utthita trikonasana - triangle and clown pose, as well seated asanas including dandasana - seated staff pose and paschimottanasana, janu sirsana as well as anything students specifically request to cover in this session. 


The session will be followed by an energising juice.

Vegan & Yoga Workshop. Sunday 17th Feb. 2 hrs £25

vegan yoga.JPG

This workshop will highlight the benefits of adopting a plant-based diet.


Cheryl will touch on the yogic reasons to follow this diet, the yoga practice will focus on the gut and digestive systems working on cleansing these systems. 

Louise, a qualified dietitian working for the NHS with a passion for plant based diets, Louise will lead the health benefits and dispel the myths using the latest evidence.  
The session will finish with some vegan snacks and chai.