Yoga Workshops 2020

Yoga & Running Workshop on Zoom 2hrs £15 Sunday 4th October  09:30-11:30

This 2 hour yoga, running workshop will guide you through stretches you can add to your pre and post runs. The session will focus on helping you combat soreness and tightness after a good run, as well as helping you to prepare your body before your run. The session will focus on myofascial release and the yoga will be a combination of gentle and easy stretches, enabling you to warm up your entire body before a run. This session will be a useful component of your runs, helping you to keep your body strong and injury-free. Yoga is a fantastic complement for runners. It aids in developing muscular strength, flexibility, and balance, which can reduce the risk of injury, and it also helps you improve your mental focus and breathing efficiency for running

Tying Shoelaces

Past Workshops

Vegan & Yoga Workshop. Sunday 17th Feb. 2 hrs £25

vegan yoga.JPG

This workshop will highlight the benefits of adopting a plant-based diet.


Cheryl will touch on the yogic reasons to follow this diet, the yoga practice will focus on the gut and digestive systems working on cleansing these systems. 

Louise Abela Msc, a qualified dietitian working for the NHS with a passion for plant based diets, Louise will lead the health benefits and dispel the myths using the latest evidence.  
The session will finish with some vegan snacks and chai.

Back-bending Workshop. Sunday 14th Apr. 2 hrs £20


This workshop will explore back bending. Back bending is probably one of the most challenging components of an asana practice. It feels confrontational and counter-intuitive to bend backwards and yet our spines are able to do this. They have an amazing potential range of movement. One of the reasons yoga is so good for our physical being is due to the work we do on the spine. 

Whether you love/hate them we all need to give our spines as much love as possible, you'll learn to practice back bends you may not usually practice all done with a softness and respect for the body. 


We'll finish the practice with a yoga nidra, and once you're feeling rejuvenated you can treat yourself to an energy ball and smoothie.

Brilliant Basics Workshop. TBC. 2 hrs £20


The aim of this session will be to give you time to understand the alignment of some of the most common asanas we practice in class. 

This session will be useful for anyone of any level, whether you're completely new to yoga or if you have a regular practice but would like a deeper understanding perhaps to help you in your own practice or during class.

Starting with the alignment for the sun salutations sequence, followed by a number of other asanas; warrior 1, 2, ardha chandrasana - half moon pose, utthita trikonasana - triangle and clown pose, as well seated asanas including dandasana - seated staff pose and paschimottanasana, janu sirsana as well as anything students specifically request to cover in this session. 


The session will be followed by an energising juice.