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Cheryl is a passionate, experienced Yoga teacher in Kingston upon Thames, London. She's trained in a broad variety of Yoga practices with a deep passion for it. Join her for weekly in person yoga practice, where she will endeavour to guide you through ancient yogic practices and wisdom to help you find a sense of calm in your modern life.

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"Cheryl runs a beautiful yoga practice. She is an excellent teacher: calm, caring, extremely experienced and able to communicate brilliantly to all abilities."

"Cheryl is an outstanding yoga teacher. I have experienced all of the classes: pre and post natal, as well as regular classes and focused workshops."

"Cheryl is very patient if you are looking to get into yoga, she will never insist on you doing something your body or capabilities cannot handle. However if are better at yoga she will help you to push your practice to the next level."

"Cheryl is a dynamic, intuitive and authentic teacher. Her directions are clear and precise so you're not looking up to check you're doing the right thing, and she's very observant, constantly checking you're positioning. Each class is energising yet totally calming, and there's always something new to learn."

"Cheryl's classes are attentive, personal and offer a perfect balance of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing."

Yoga For Life. Yoga  For Everyone.

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