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Children's Yoga

The yoga poses practiced within a  children's yoga class are tailored for them and also used as a medium for learning. In class we encourage not only interaction with others but also exploring and looking within themselves.

Each class will focus on a theme, which we explore and learn about. Each class will include anatomy of our bodies; learning scientific names for our bones/muscles. We explore emotions and feelings, we create affirmations and name games. 

Children receive so much stimulation from technology and the media today, we leave this all at the door and come back to our amazing bodies, our minds and spirits.

We do not incorporate any religion into our classes. We encourage spirituality and may chat about different religious celebrations - honouring each one equally.

Please check the schedule for upcoming family yoga classes. Also please email if you would like to set up a class at your child's school or for a party.

Children Meditating
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