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Corporate Yoga - offering your workplace a sense of calm and grounding


What's happening?

Life can be busy and stressful, sometimes we feel we cannot even catch a breath, even as a yoga teacher I still experience these moments in my life. It's quite common for this to be the human experience at any stage of our lives. Perhaps even more so living in busy, fast cities when we're juggling work life, families, staying fit and maintaining social connections with friends and family.

What do I offer?

My aim is to offer you the space to slow down and reconnect to a calmer, less stressed version fo yourself. Yoga is an ancient practice of finding mental stillness and clarity. I offer a wide range of practices including yoga movement, breath-work (pranayama) meditation and sound bathing. All of these practices can help us find more ease and give us more mental clarity and peace.

I can offer weekly online and in person (within London area) yoga classes, monthly classes/workshops. Workshops on managing stress, providing practical tools. I can offer wellness retreats to provide staff with a half day/ a full day of wellness.

What are the benefits of a yoga practice?

1. Yoga can help you find a sense of calm in your life. Providing you with meditation and breathing practices you can use in your daily life.

2. Helps to lift your mood and release more serotonin, finding mental stillness.

3. Yoga helps your nervous system to move into the parasympathetic system (rest and digest), taking you away from the sympathetic system of fight and flight

4. Lowers your heart rate and lifts your mood.

5.Improved flexibility for the muscles, ligaments and fascia. Sitting for long periods of the day can cause tight psoas and hamstring muscles, lengthening these muscles can help avoid back problems.

6. Strengthens muscles to help protect us from conditions such as arthritis and lower back problems.

7. Yoga improves posture, siting at a desk can affect our postures. As we slump the body may compensate by flattening natural curves in the neck and lower back.

8. Protects and strengthens your spine as we move the spine forwards, backwards and twisting helps to keep disks supple and healthy.

9. Improves bone health, Yoga is proven to help reduce the stress hormone cortisol which may help keep calcium in the bones.

10. Increases blood flow Yoga delivers more o2 to your cells, resulting in better function. 

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